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As has been stated previously the Isometric Principles Of Business are based on the idea that a company can and will be its own worst enemy. If competition in the industry is what drives companies to thrive then who better to compete with a company than itself? The essence of the IPOB is the vision of the two hands pushing against each other. Neither hand is stronger than the other and neither will prevail. Our company seems to work in this fashion constantly. We know our own secrets and weaknesses and consistently use them against ourselves.

Why “isometric” you ask? Let’s look at the word. Isometric is derived from some Latin words that aren’t important because they come from a dead language. If you break it down you get: iso = equal or unchanging; metric = measure or distance. Therefore the word literally means “equal measure” or “unchanging distance.”

Now, the naysayers would claim that it would have made more sense to name our concept “Isokinetic Principles of Business” due to the fact that the aforementioned hands are immovable and unchanging. Or perhaps they would have picked “Isotonic Principles of Business” because the hands are of equal strength. These same people are having trouble grasping one of the core principles of our new found corporate religion – most of the decisions made by the leaders in a company do not make sense to those not “in the know.”

The previously mentioned naysayers (you know who you are) might also point out that our motto “Where the immovable force meets the irresistible object” is incorrect. They would point out that a force does not move – it causes the object upon which it acts to move. They would also state that an object cannot be irresistible. The force should be irresistible and the object immovable. To this we say: If the Isometric Principles of Business made sense to everyone, then every company in the world would be employing them and succeeding through the art of self-competition. Obviously this is not yet the case or every company you see would be thriving beyond belief and the current economic crisis would have been averted.

If you take nothing else from the Isometric Principles Of Business at least remember that in order for any entity to thrive it must seek out and engage its greatest competitor. What competitor knows an entity’s innermost secrets and greatest weaknesses better than that entity itself. If a company cannot bring itself to an appropriate level of self-competition, that company is doomed to failure.

Isometric Principles Of Business – making logic take a backseat to doublespeak and ambiguity. condron.us


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