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The ultimate double feature that exemplifies the very essences of the Isometric Principles of Business would have to include the movies Office Space and Falling Down.

Office Space is like an upper. Sure, it’s a little depressing to see that what happens in your office apparently is not an isolated incident. But it’s also amusing to see your office life depicted in such a humorous fashion. Everyone who has worked in the corporate environment can identify with several of the characters in the film. You may even recognize some of your coworkers or, at the very least, some of their habits portrayed in the characters. Honestly, who hasn’t wanted to beat the living hell out of a fax machine or photocopier?  What about your computer?  Surely we can all also relate to Tom Smykowski.  He’s the guy who hates his job and attempts to commit suicide by CO poisoning in his garage.  His wife opens the door and Tom ends up backing his car into the street where he gets hit by a truck and essentially wins the lottery through a lawsuit.  We’ve all had bad days, like Tom.  We won’t go into a synopsis of the movie. Suffice it to say that if you have never seen Office Space you should do so now.

Falling Down, however, is the be-all-end-all of downers. Falling Down is like the cinematic version of the novel “On The Beach” by Nevil Shute (aside from the actual film versions of that novel). If you have never read “On The Beach” I would recommend that you stay as far away from it as possible. Much like Falling Down it will depress you to the point that you start hiding your ammunition and sharp knives just in case you get a wild hair to end it all. Falling down is arguably Michael Douglas’s most disturbing bit of acting. We have all had bad days.  Most of us have never had as bad a day as Douglas in this film but we can all relate to circumstances sprialling out of our control. Much like Office Space, in Falling Down you will witness many similarities between what Douglas’s character goes through and events in your own life as he gets stuck in the most absurd of conversations with the most asinine of people.  Who hasn’t wanted to smack the crap out of the manager at the burger joint down the street.  We know we would love to launch a shoulder-fired rocket at the road construction equipment that has increased our commute time by 15 minutes.

Heed our advice: take a well day off from work and acquire these two movies. You won’t be disappointed with the movies but by the end you might be disappointed with your life.

More advice: Watch Falling Down first. Use the Buddy System and watch it with someone who has enough compassion for you to make you watch Office Space immediately after. We don’t want any more blood on our hands. condron.us


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